• Les fondateurs

A couple in search of balance in their life decided to embark on an ambitious project:

create a brand of premium, elegant and locally made sneakers in France.

But they knew they couldn't do it alone...

It was then that they met a master craftsman who worked for a shoe workshop located in Romans-sur-Isère, the historic shoe capital of France.

He taught them all the secrets of shoemaking, from design to finish, using traditional techniques and recycled materials.

Together, they created their first sneaker prototype, entirely by hand.

The couple have perfected their know-how, remaining faithful to their original vision of creating quality sneakers with an innovative and daring design.

Their passion for shoes had become their profession, thanks to the transmission of the know-how of a master craftsman.

This is how we launched EVI, combining tradition, modernity and style.

Dimitri and Solene.